School mom molests school daughter for sleeping with boyfriend

Ameh Samuel

It was an eyesore as a student from Ambrose Ali University (AAU) arranged other students to beat a colleague who was supposedly to be her school daughter for sleeping with boyfriend.

The video went viral on Twitter, as the school daughter was seen stripped naked and severely flogged by the aggrieved individuals.

Although, this is not the first time of such, it has become an ignominious behavior among students beating up their fellow student. The earlier case was reported in Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), where a female student was beaten up by another female student conniving with her school father to maltreat her for debasing information about them.

"This is a condemned behavior entrenched under higher institutions law, where fighting and molestation within the school premises is not condoned, and the offender is subject to expulsion if found guilty by the school authority.

"It's however imperative for the school authority to look into the case and bring the culprit to book. And to serve as an example to other students who may want to perpetuate such an inhuman behavior against their fellow student," commented one of the eyewitnesses."

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