Of course some people have Subliminal360 Review been little angels their whole lives. You know the type. However, they are the exception rather than the rule; most people, author included, would change some things if given the chance for do-overs. Instead of letting these issues prevent us from reaching any goals, we can all do better by forgiving ourselves for being only too human. We'll never be that angel who lived down the street, so let's get over it and move on to the great things we are all capable of!

If you feel like a heel, a bad person who deserves to lose, consider this: You are going to die someday. Is not that punishment enough for your old, forgotten sins of youth and indiscretions? Is not life painful enough, rough and tough enough for all of us to be adequately punished for some past stupid mistake? You are what you are today, and it counts for something. You are what you are doing, not what you did. Learn from those mistakes and be a better person for them; don't figure you are doomed anyhow so why even try.

The toughest judge on the planet is your conscience. Don't continue beating yourself up over the past; instead, use those life lessons for good and pass them on to someone who needs the lesson now! Or better yet, go ahead and become successful and help many! A noble plan can work wonders for your self-esteem and confidence. In other words, you are now hereby absolved of all your past mistakes. Go forth and succeed, oh noble reader, and do good things in the world. Many have done it and so can you. So can I.

I want us all to succeed and turn the Earth into a vast marketplace of good ideas and people who believe in the goodness of the human spirit.Forget about your past mistakes and call yourself human. Go back and make amends, apologize if you must; but the key is to forgive yourself, and to start now with a fresh, emboldened attitude for success that only a cleansed soul can truly brandish. You have the power to accomplish this and much more in your life, so stop feeling guilty for things no one can change and do something positive with the remainder of your precious time here.


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