In Nigeria where there is no good and drinkable water the need for good and quality drinking water is very important to everyone. Everyone in the country need clean and drinkable water because of water borne disease that affect children and adults in the country. Everyone in the country do not think about the cost of water because the cost of water borne disease such as craw-craw, worm infection, water blindness, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid fever, cholera and many more are far more expensive. That’s why it is important to go for clean water and such water it’s either sachet or bottled water.

Sachet water ( pure water) or Bottled water is among the most lucrative business in Nigeria, so if you want investors to consider your business, you have to have a clear and strong business plan regarding Sachet and Bottled water business in Nigeria. We done a lot of research from those who started with little amount and how lucrative it became we also research those who started with huge amount, we have put together a well comprehensive Sachet/ Bottled water business plan in Nigeria

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