Review of the impact of electronic banking on customer satisfaction

Electronic banking was adopted as a better remedy to the uncontrollable long queues in banking halls and maintains a better banking experience for customers and staff alike; but what we didn’t realize early enough was that electronic banking has its limitations too. Am going to do a short review on this undergraduate project (the impact of electronic banking on customer satisfaction) written by a banking and finance undergraduate recently. Although this is a familiar topic but I bet you, a lot was said in here. I will let you have full access to the main project material down the page after the review.

This project has rightly described electronic banking as a delicious meal prepared and served hot; yes because bank customers can operate from home, do their financial transactions electronically, track their daily transactions with details in real time.

This researcher pointed out specs of innovations where the banking has continually adopted over the years; such that has become very feasible in the competitive advantage of several financial institutions, data driven innovations and radical marketing strategies at their disposal. I quite agree with this notion because lately, we have some of such data driven innovations corresponding very closely with our needs which we didn’t communicate with them directly; I hope that makes sense. When you fill some forms in the bank requesting your personal information, some of these data are gathered over time and used to match your psychological, demographic and psychographic needs and with time, you have the services, products and programmes you have dreamt of at your disposal.

The researcher didn’t forget to point out the level of efficiency electronic banking affords at such a low cost. Data are easily matched and sorted out without needing to keep piles of unprecedented files that can get blown away at the break of fire. As such, the quality of service with electronic banking is simply remarkable.

On the other hand however, mechanical issues that still require human intervention shows the limit that electronic banking can go to meet or banking needs. From this undergraduate project, cyber security is not guaranteed since a lot of customers enter their data with ignorance, agreeing to all sorts of unread terms that could pose danger to their finances.

I should have also mentioned the cases of credit/debit card trapping and network breakdown  put customers back to the much stress they try to run away from.

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