Reno Omokri, a former media aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan who is well known for sharing what he refers to as ‘nuggets’ has advised unmarried men to be careful while choosing their heartthrobs.

The former presidential media aide made this known on his Twitter account, telling church men to be mindful of physical needs in their choice of who to marry and not to marry.

He wrote;

"Dear church boy,

"Marry a beautiful wife even if she can’t pray, as long as she shares your faith. Don’t be fooled into marrying a Prayer Queen you are not attracted to. You can teach a wife how to pray. But you can’t teach her how to be beautiful

"Dont sacrifice your physical needs because you want to be a good church boy. Marry a Christian you‘re attracted to. See the wives of prominent pastors. If you are happy in the bedroom, you are likelier to be powerful on the pulpit.

"Someone said you shouldn’t marry for beauty because beauty fades. I never taught that people should marry only for beauty. Marry for faith first, then physical attraction. Beauty fades. Yes. But do you reject good food because eating does not last?"