Remedy for covid 19 management as Recommended by UNILORIN researchers

This time last year, many of us had outlined goals and targets we should meet before the end of the year and perhaps could recite our new year resolutions by heart. Unfortunately, everything was thwarted by the airwave of covid 19, disrupting major parts of livelihood beyond human control.

In order to mitigate the health crisis, something one could describe as a wave of research spree came along and gave rise to  lots of collaborative research efforts came along to save the moment. Among them are group of researchers in University of Ilorin, UNILORIN.

Pay attention: research project materials

As reported in the news, a covid 19 research conducted at the University of Ilorin Nigeria has shown that Pineapples have possible capabilities for covid 19 management. From the report, a substance in Pineapple identified as Bromelain is said to have the capacity to manage covid 19 associated conditions.

Bromelain are known to have protein digestive enzymes that are mostly associated with healing. Accordingly, Bromelain have inflammation-fighting and possible indication for healing sinus conditions- which on a lighter note share similar symptoms with covid 19.

Sinus condition (infections) causes inflammation around the nasal area and cavities. Symptoms like headache, cold, runny nose, nasal congestion are associable with Sinus infection and possibly covid 19.

According to a study published in a journal of nutritional metabolism in 2014, kids who consumed more of the canned pineapples showed resistance and slow response to viral and bacterial infections. In essence, pineapples are such great source of Vitamin C, turns out to be great immune modulator.

Judging by the KPIs of Bromelain on Sinus and inflammation conditions, there are possible indications that Bromelain, present in Pineapple stem and its juice are capable of managing Covid 19 conditions as this agrees with the research outcome in UNILORIN covid 19 research.


As confirmed by the just concluded UNILORIN covid 19 research, pineapples are great source modulators for covid 19 related symptoms. In essense, we advise you consume a healthy dose of pineapple and pine apple juice.

There are side effects associated with excessive bromelain consumption also present in pineapple. In women and shift in the flow of your menstrual flow; in most cases, It turn out heavier than it used to.


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