My friends, good afternoon,all. I have a story frm one of my friends especially intimate, a christain who needs my cousel but the lack of what to tell him made me turn in to my friend in this forum to help advise him. He said he married six years ago but ever after the supposed wedding even after three kids their has been commotion in the house. The lady doesnt great on waking up nor thank him went given anything doesnt say sorry upon her life. Nt just that, most times when they qureel she abandons all reponsibity at sharing her husband bed, cooking fr him, or washing his clothes. He cited an incident that happend when he travelled and came back late @ 10pm hasnt eatn all day on getting home the wife refused to dish his food until he found his into the kitchen, made his food, and served himself. Most time they had any faceoff there would be no reconciliation until he goes begging her if not it wld last fr months. Infact right nw their present faceoff has clocked 2months without any ioter of remorse to reconcile to her husband. He confided, he's tired. What shld he do?

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It is very hard when one finds himself in this situation,With kids involved,divorce will be the last option.First,try and find out what might be the problem,If there is anything the man can do to improve his marriage,if the wife is not feeling loved,the man should improve and make her feel like a woman.If he has done all,and nothing seems to change,then,he might sit her down and find out if she is no longer interested in the marriage.
He should bear wit d wife 4sometime.If she don'st change.Issue her a fake divorce letter.If u do dat she 'll change 2gud behavior immediately.
The situation is challenging but it can also bring out the best in the man.  One of the tonics to a successful marriage is understanding.  Now he has a good understanding of the wife, he can successfully manage the situation.  Divorce is out of the question now that the marriage is blessed with kids.  However, you did not tell us anything about the husband.  I don't believe he is an angel.  In any case, the man should try as much as possible to avoid quarelling with her and but where they quarel, he should not waste time to apologize  no matter who is wrong.  Next time he comes home late, he should not bother to expect food from the wife, rather he should find his way to the kitchen and serve himself.  I believe that if begins to overlook some of her behaviours, she will be forced to change.


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