What Is the Usage of QuickBooks File Doctor?

QuickBooks File Doctor holds a number of benefits for the users. If you are under any error then this can provide you relief up to a great extent, so that you can operate the software.
We will discuss the advantages of the said software.
This error helps when you get 301, 305, 6000, and 6150 type errors on your system.
If you have lost your company file, then it will restore the data for you.
The network errors related to H202 & H303 can be easily terminated by this.
You can easily access a company file through this, which is situated at another location.
How to Diagnose A File Through QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?
We will let you know everything as how to diagnose a file.
Firstly, you have to launch the software, and choose the appropriate program to initiate the software.
Then, in the second step, you have to utilize the “Browse” button to find the company file.
When you have selected the company file, then you have to move on to “Diagnose file”.
A dialog box will get opened in front of you; in that, you have to feed the “Username & Password”. Then, press on OK.
As you feed the username & password, then you can witness that the scanning process will start. You have to wait as QuickBooks File Doctor Tool makes progression to detect the bugs.
You have to press Proceed button to start the software to fix your QuickBooks problems.
A choice will be provided to you between Server & Workstation. You can go for the “workstation” if the company file is not on the system. You can choose “Server” if the file is stored on the system.
After you have made a choice between “Server & Workstation”, select one of the choices, and then click Yes. You can click Yes when the company file is running on the server, and No when the file is on workstation.

This is the last step of diagnosing. When the diagnosing gets completed, then you can have the full access to the company file. You can press Open to gain access to the company file.

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