Put Fear Aside, Use Forward Vision and the Lessons of the Science of Getting Rich

You've probably heard the phrase: The Devil is in the Details. Well, so is the profit, and the word of mouth. By looking at the details you will see things that most other people won't generally see. You will see ways of improving the product or service. You will see how it is falling short. Most impressively, by understanding the finer details, you will see opportunities for off-shoot products or services, or powerful new solutions. Being successful means that you need to have a positive outlook in life. By thinking like an entrepreneur, you can be sure that you will be able to get closer to your success.

If you are dealing with a product, look at every stage of the production. Look for problems in supply. Ensure your supply chain always delivers the highest quality. Ensure that everyone in your organisation, from your goods in department to dispatch, are dedicated to a culture of quality. Everyone dealing with raw materials must show absolute respect at all times. Those dealing with testing must have high standards and incentives for delivering them. Acquire, or create, the most cut-throat, unforgiving, Quality Assurance team that you possibly can. Give them authority to reprimand those without respect for quality and attention to detail.

If you are looking to improve a service, look at the service as a whole, and the reactions and responses of the users. Then look at every stage of deployment. Ensure that if you are cutting corners, you are not doing it to the detriment of your service. Focus on the details of your service suppliers, from their training down to their personality type and even looks if relevant. Imagine, in detail, the experience you would like to receive. Compare it with the reality. Adjust accordingly. Improving Quality is a pursuit that every business, and every person working for a business, should undertake. It is a vital component of value creation that could easily put you ahead of the competition on its own. So just exactly how do you go about implementing quality improvements to your business?

If you're not in a job or business that you can invest vast quantities of passion into, you're probably in the wrong career. If you enjoy what you do, you will do it so much better. You will devote more time and energy to it. You will focus on learning more about it. You will have the motivation to take it in previously unexplored directions. You will be driven to be the best you can at it. This will give you pride in what you do. This pride will naturally lead to you improving quality throughout your business. Work to achieve ever higher standards in everything that you do. Look at everything with a view to improving it, even it might seem at first to be perfect. Always strive to supply the best you can at the cost you have. This will allow you deliver more desirable products and services to your customers and out-compete the competition.



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