Are you searching for Petroleum Technology Development Fund -PTDF Scholarship 2019/2020 Application Portal? OR Do you want to know about the requirement for PTDF Scholarship Application form?

If you’ve been, asking this questions; Then, Congratulations! You now have an Answer!.

Because, the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) are very happy to announce to you that applications are now invited for Local and Overseas M.Sc (Masters) and PhD Petroleum Technology Development Fund Scholarships scheme.

How to Apply for Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) Scholarship 2020

To apply for this scholarship


  • If you have benefited from any of the PTDF scholarships in the past should not apply for the same type of programme, except for a higher programme;
  • Congrat! for your success through the first round of screening. Remember that you will be requested to submit your transcripts; So, we therefore advised you to prepare your transcripts for submission while waiting for such a request.

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