SONY GLOBAL FUNDS is a peer2peer charity community of ordinary people,selflessly helping each other which offers 120%
cash return in 12days on every donation made.You donate any amount you wish from our packages offer to a Fellow
Trustfunds Member,and in 12 days time you'll be matched with another Trustfunds Members who will donate 120% of your
initial capital to you.Sony Trust Funds is to promote the greatest good,with a particular emphasis on helping man and the
environment and to make life meaningful for the populace who have lost hope and confidence because we belive in principle
of sowing just a seed and producing bountiful harvests.

How does it really work ?
Step1:You declare the willingness to help and sow into someones life by choosen any amount from our "DONATION PLAN RATE"

Step 2 :Click on Registration page,register with us and “PLEDGE”,register with your full details as required in each

Step 3:After which you will immediatelly get a beneficiary details from us to donate to a fellow member of Sony Global
Funds (S.G.F),within 48 HOURS

Step 4:After you might have "PROVIDED HELP " to another member,evidence of payment must be sent to beneficiary within 48
hours for confirmation and approval from us also send a proove of payment to us at for us to confirm

Step 5:After "GETTING HELP " from other members kindly send us a confirmation message to us at
for us to confirm the donor.

Step 6:After "PROVIDING HELP " kindly wait for 10 days to "GET HELP" from another menber(s) of Sony Global Funds

Click on for more details

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