promoting your business and services using the power of social bookmarking/share and classified ads

Social bookmarking/share is a way to
your audience and drive traffic to your
It’s part bookmarking feature in
that users can vote on web pages and
content they enjoy, and part social
networking because you share your
favorites with other members.
It’s also a
great way for marketers to draw
to certain product or services using
specific pages they want to drive traffic
to, including classified ads.
Here’s how to
submit your classified ads to social
bookmarking sites.
Step #1 – Understand social bookmarking/
Social bookmarking is a method of storing,
organizing, and searching web pages. It
also allow you to share your product,
services or info among your friends who
may be prospective customers.
social because your vote, views or
comments helps to determine
the popularity of the web pages – your
vote and the votes of others. So not only
are you able to help determine how popular
your product or services could be, you can
also use this tool to
help you find information that’s relevant
and useful.
This is a great tool for internet marketers
because if they get enough positive votes,
viwes or comments,
from the public, their value and exposure
Step #2 – Understand the power of
classified ads.
Classified ads are a whole different ball
game. They’re essentially a way for internet
marketers to drive traffic to their site,
product, service or info using
websites devoted to ads. DealsnSwaps
( is an
example of a free classified advertising site.
These sites are useful for internet marketers
because they’re typically a very expensive
way to drive targeted traffic to your
website, product, services or info.
Step #3 – Combine them for ultimate
Whatever social bookmarking tool(s) you
use, you’ll probably have to register and get
an account be it digg, facebook or twitter.
Also you can sign up with DealsnSwaps at for a free
image classified ads account.
Once you have both accounts,
submitting your classified ads is as simple
as visiting the page where your
ads is listed (you find these on your pasonalised
dashboard after listing your ads on and
bookmarking it.
DealsnSwaps allows you to share or
bookmark your ads among your friends
and followers on facebook and twitter. It also
allows your and your customers to vote for
your ads for seach engine atten tion using
the google plus one social share.
For example, if you’re using twitter, after
listing your ads on DealsnSwaps:, you’ll
simply click “tweet”at the bottom of your
ad making sure your are signed into your
twitter account or facebook if you are using
facebook at that moment. If you are not,
you would be prompted to do so.
Instantly, your ad would be published to to
your twitter or facebook wall as the case
may be. Allowing all your friends an
followers to view your ads and possibly
pick intrest in them
The advantage of submitting classified ads
to social bookmarking sites is that while
most social bookmarking sites identify the
person who submitted the web page,
because the site doesn’t belong to you it
means your self-promotion won’t be as
obvious. Still, take some caution in
promoting your own website exclusively
because some sites will ban you.
Social share site together with DealsnSwaps are fabulous
because as the popularity of your shared
increases so too does your ads and engine
exposure. And classified ads using sites like are a proven
method of driving traffic to your website
, product or service and also increasing
incoming links.
these two powerful strategies is a good
business sense!
You can sign up with DealsnSwaps at Its free.

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