Printing Press Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study

Printing press business in Nigeria is a very profitable business and if you have ever thought of venturing into this business you are on the right track

Printing press business involves printing materials such as calendars, handbills, posters, jotters, writing pads, exercise books, textbooks, files, business cards, invoice etc.

There are different categories in the line of business and this depends on the capital.

Like in all business you are to satisfying the desire of your customers, to do so, you have to deliver quality printing services because the rate at which your customers are satisfied determines the rate at which your press would be successful.

To run this business you need the basic knowledge, its not a very difficult business, with the right and basic knowledge you can be sure of smiling to the bank every now and then

This business comprises of two groups, the Graphic Art and the Printing Press, now, the graphic art handles the part that deals with design, the printing press handles the other part of the business.

This two groups goes side by side, having a good and skillful graphic designer that does this graphic designs gives you a good advantage.

To satisfy your customer and to keep them coming you need to have good and qualitative printing paper, this is a very important factor of this business because it attracts customers to you.

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