Post Covid examination tips for returning undergraduates

The balls for the completion of the 2019/2020 academic calendar is set and rolling, leaving undergraduates and institutions with a lot of things to prepare for. One of which is examinations. As schools’ resumption was announced, many Nigerian Universities equally announced the date for their examination in partial fulfillment and completion of the 2019/2020 academic calendar.

In this regard, we at are interested in preparing new and returning undergraduate students for their forth coming school examinations including final year students. Below are relatable tips students should note while preparing for their examinations this season:-

‘Exams formation’ may not be like usual

I don’t know how it is in your university but judging from the Nigerian University I graduated from, the usual examination formation is two persons to a pew. However, considering the covid19 protocols which must be observed, the seating formation from exams may likely change from two to one or from three to two.

If the later happens, no issues but if the former happens, you don’t need no one to tell you that you have to drive the screw through the hard walls yourself. A lot of students depend on examination mal-practices like asking for clarifications from their colleagues in the exams hall and begging for assistance with answers they cannot attempt on their own.

To deal with this, kindly prepare your mind and study to show yourself approved of the courses you have studied so far.

Wear a face mask/shield to exams hall

To think that you will be required to wear something that feels uncomfortable, like a facemask in the exams hall is discomforting especially when it get to the point where it seems to be distorting the inflow of ideas in the exams hall.

Funny enough, it could be one of the prerequisite for taking the exams and also one way of enforcing covid protocols. To be on the safe side, bring your face mask along while going to your examination venues because as trivial as it is may keep you out of the exam hall in some Nigerian Universities.

Take out time to study deeply on covid19 and its national and global impact

In many cases, students get applied questions for examination question and for communication students, medical student and infact all academic disciplines, you should take out time to study indepth about covid and its adverse impact both within and outside Nigeria plus the several effects it had on the various sectors across the globe, leave no stone unturned.

Covid left us a practical experience which is also relatable for both old and young. Study more about it including its cause and impacts because it may likely come up in your exams.

As much as possible, No to exams malpractice

It is tempting; it is a hopeful attempt to pass examination. But this time when the urge for malpractice comes, remember that you may have to start all over if you fall victim. Remind yourself of the wasted hours at home and how far you would have gone had covid stayed back.

While you still have time, build confidence in yourself and prepare your mind for the exam. Remember the lecturers assumes that you had almost ten months to yourself at home to prepare for the exams.

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