Babatunde Raimi

Divided by philosophical walls
Torn by the dictates of tradition
Schooled in the art of tribalism and hate
Tell me, who are we?

Lacerated and mutilated by all
They play God like death is a charade
Lustitia's scale of justice have they adjusted to sing their songs

That her double-edged sword can no longer cut

I die and wake up in a lost continent
So rich, yet so poor surviving on aids
Now I see why Jesus wept before he left
What a shame the king has lost his screptre

Quit the noise and be the voice
I dont have a gun but I have guts
Neither the fame but faith
That one day, truly we shall overcome

Know ye not that your sins are sacrilegious?
Soon, you will approach seeking our votes
Our scales are fallen and we are liberated
This power shall we wield rightly this time

Stop the killings, black lives matters
They move around with reckless swagger
They decimate my people, designed to sprout
Glorious destinies gone too soon

I am just a Poet whose pen bleeds
Don't say I didn't try to warn you
If only you know the power within you
You'll raise a voice and make a mark

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