Bakare alleged electoral irregularities. My people how true is that?

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Ignore his irrational statement, its just his fantasy from his remote imagination intended to take the shine off the well and universally aclaimed success of the presidential election. He still cannot commend the fact that his party lost in his state.
GEJ beat them hands down,Bakare should go back to his Church,BUHARI should go home and ask God for forgiveness.
Bakare is an extension of Buhari including his warped ideas and claims,
He broke the hearts of many Nigerians a long time ago.
Tunde bakare, is a man i dislike for his lack of reasoning ability. To ur this question, we must determine de following: 1. did de CPC campaign in de south? 2. if goodluck wants to rig election, will it be in de south where he is sure to win? 3.


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