Pastor convicted for breaking roof into ex-lover’s house to assault her

A magistrate court in Zimbabwe has convicted a self-proclaimed Pastor Nkomo for allegedly assaulting his ex-lover.

Reports had it that the 31-year-old Pastor of Gathering of Saints church in Bulawayo forcefully made his way into the apartment of his 46-year-old ex-lover and assaulted her.

Vanguard learnt that Nkomo had made several attempts to gain entrance into his ex-lover, Maritha Khumalo’s house but that she refused him.

It was gathered that Pastor Nkomo in his recent attempt, after he was refused entrance by the woman in the early hour of the day, returned to the apartment located at Entumbane around 7 pm to hide in a nearby maize field, spying to see when Khumalo would eventually open the door.

The victim, however, spotted the pastor. After realising that the lady had understood his moves, Pastor Nkomo reportedly scaled over the precast wall and knocked on Martha’s door.

After she insisted on not opening the door, he reportedly climbed onto the roof of the apartment and removed two asbestos sheets and jumped into the house from above. After gaining entry into the house, he started assaulting his ex-lover.

Maritha while still bleeding from wounds sustained, eventually made her way out of the house and sought sanctuary at a neighbour’s.

The culprit was later arrested and charged with physical abuse and malicious damage to property.

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