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Today, many of us celebrate Father's Day without a deep reflection on the true meaning of the day. We believe it's a day meant to celebrate fatherhood; the state of being a father. But do we really understand the tenets surrounding this special day? That's a big question we all must reflect on if truly we must make the celebration worthwhile and impactful.

Father's Day is an auspicious occasion for every boy to prepare himself for fatherhood. It's not a day only designated for posting of DPs, updating of status or uploading of timelines with flux of photographs showing we care.

Yes! It's always good to celebrate our fathers for their unending love and sacrifices but, we should also take cognizance of tomorrow when we all become fathers ourselves. How are we preparing for this great task of taking responsibility? Are we truly working towards becoming fathers that act as role models to sons? Which fathers are we working towards becoming?

It's a waste of time to be celebrating Father's Day when you're good as dining with the Devil without the longer spoon. You can't be jeopardising your youthfulness in the guise of party and catching fun around without fathoming the master plan controlling your life.

While some are now professional rapists who only take pleasure in destroying lives rather than moulding them. Come on! Destiny is too precious to waste. Now is the best time to plan for fatherhood. Don't wait till you're 30 to do 30 things you ought to have done when you're 20.

Lastly, I'll challenge us to start taking responsibility in our respective endeavours as boys who dream of becoming real men in the nearest future. The journey into fatherhood begins with just a step triggered by the gun of determination. Shoot! You're good to go as long as you take the right steps tilting towards fatherhood.

Happy Father's Day!

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