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"...I am only answerable to the President, not the Public..." said the new Chief of Staff, Gambari

The voice of the people they say; it's the voice of God. The unfortunate death of the former Chief of Staff to the President, ABBA KYARI ignited series of reactions both from the elites and the ordinary peasants in the streets of the West African giant.

Whilst some people were mourning and inking tributes extolling the outstanding performance in public office by the deceased,a vast majority of the population took to the streets despite the lockdown as a result of the deadly pandemic dancing, and their social media handles celebrating the demise of a man they considered the major obstacle to national progress and a stimulator of economic backwardness.

The sight of the celebrants brings to mind the biblical story of Haman,Mordecai and the Jewish nation. Haman oppressed the Jews with so much vile and hatred and even went as far as cajoling the king into passing a barbaric decree for their extermination.

The tide was turned around and the hunter became the hunted and they could not hide their Joy when Haman was to die a shameful death.

The late Chief of staff was seen as a brute and power monger who was insensitive to public sentiments not because he was an elected official or that he owed the public any responsibility but because he was more powerful than his office,most trusted by the president and very influential than any cabal in the Aso Villa.

In some quarters for whatever reason,he was seen as the president,he determined government contracts,he approved ministerial and parastatals budget,he influenced appointments and removals,he represented the country both officially and unofficially and he even went out of his way to go yonder to Malaysia to search for the final solution to the perennial problem of shortage in electricity not minding that his administration had a minister of power.

He redefined the office of Chief of the chief of staff,it's powers,it's functions,it's influence and made it even more priceless than the office of the vice-president to the Buhari-led administration. What a change!what a next level! What a passion!!!

A month later, a new sherrif has assumed that office. Despite the permutations by perceived favorites and so-called loyalists of the president and the nay-sayings of opposition cynics, a profound and seasoned diplomat Ibrahim Gambari was favoured for the position and given the anointing to wear the crown of the recently a turned powerful office in the land.

Gambari's first message to the teeming Nigerians whose fists are crossed and hoping that a true Democrat has arrived left tongue wagging.

Constitutionally, Ibrahim Gambari has no responsibility to the public but it is hoped that he will use his good offices and the confidence reposed him by the president to ensure economic emancipation and a positive change in Democratic strides.

Gambari should use his wealth of international exposure and vast knowledge to influence the president's decisions to meet best global standards and for the betterment of the people.

He is expected to work assiduously with other kitchen cabinets to improve the health standard of our presidential clinic to save the nation further monumental embarrassment.

It is advised that he operates within the confines of his powers and functional limitations without necessarily meddling with the functions of the National security Adviser.

He should steer clear from the culture of deciet, highhandedness, insensitivities and outright witch-hunt his deceased predecessor was known for.

Ibrahim Gambari should not allow the drunkenness of absolute powers dent his stellar public figure and achievements which he has amassed through the years,while some loyalists wish you had rejected the appointment to preserve your integrity, it is the belief of well-meaning Nigerians that you will clean the Augean stable and make the common man rejoice on the streets because the righteous has ascended the throne.

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