Jacob Simon

"It is better that one man perisheth than that for a nation should perish in unbelief..." Nephite said.


My people perish for lack of knowledge is the great wisdom embedded in the Holy Book. COVID-19 has risen from just one Italian case confirmed in the Nigerian shores to over 174 confirmed cases with 2 recorded deaths and 9 recovered cases and over 6,000 yet to be tracked contacts. The same virus that most Nigerians called a fallacy and media propaganda to instill fear in the lives of poor under-developed dependent Africans has now become a dreaded monster in the African continent.

The same virus that skeptical doubting Nigerians dubbed a government ploy to get Bill gates humanitarian cake and World Health Organization's Santa Claus package has become a house hold malaise. More painful is the fact that, most Nigerians still do not believe in the existence of this virus or the incorrigible belief that the media is over hyping the menace of this serial human slayer-virus. The "I don't believe virus" that is holding sway in the subconscious of Nigerians is the most deadliest, people still go about their business as though everything is normal with little or no regard for all the rules of engagement at this perilous times. People have favoured both religious and cultural sentiments to the dispel the existence of such virus or at least it's presence on Nigeria's soil. Some don't observe social distancing,or even keep the basic personal hygiene of washing hands with soap and water or the use of hand sanitiser. 

The 'I don't believe virus is competing favourably with the real 'Corona virus', and it is unfortunately aiding the fast spread of the virus. Last Friday,some Islamic religious fanatics with their inhuman Cleric held prayers stubbornly against government's order of a regulated crowd,when the enforcement agencies attempted to caution them,all hell was let loosed, they burnt down a police station and other government buildings. That is how reckless Nigerians can be with their lives, this is beyond personal freedom or liberty,this is a situation of national security. One man infected,is a danger to the whole community.


The fight against this virus is not just for the government, every hand should be on deck to fight this common threat to humanity, Italy was ignorant and approached the situation with kid-gloves,today,they are counting their losses in great numbers now. We must adhere to the self-isolation directives,the government must also provide palliatives to cushion the effects of this hard times. This is no time to exhibit magnified ignorance or sheer carelessness,this is not the time to triple the prices of commodities and make life more difficult,this is definitely not the time to hoard Premium Spirits (popularly called petrol), and this is not the time to be exploitative. Stop selling your ignorance and save humanity.

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