Oodua Nation unveils security outfit with code name ‘Operation Paramole’

In the midst of the ongoing Yoruba Nation unrest, Oduduwa Nation agitators have launched a new security outfit known as ‘Operation Paramole.’ 

The activity is thought to have come about as a result of the recent spate of instability in the Southwest.

It’s the first batch from Ogun county, according to Yoruba Nation’s official Twitter account handle.

“Oduduwa Nation Security Force, Code Name: Operation Paramole Awọn ẹṣọ oludaabo ilẹ Ooduwa. God bless our land.

Yoruba Nation Warriors Ogun State Chapter. This is the first batch from Ogun State.”

After this news was released on the official Twitter account of Oduduwa nation. Many people that commented expressed great delight.

Check out what they are all saying below:

@Demolaolatunji1: “I’ve been expecting something from Oduduwa, I was like are they backing out, I said again that Yoruba don’t give up on goals and dreams. Here I saw this notification. I’m very happy! Oduduwa/Biafra/Arewa must stand!!!!! Either we/they like it or not!”

@always1: “Am impressed, well fitted uniform let the action proceed unstoppable.”

@Dollarmanian: “Honestly! I’m impressed and so happy! More strength, more knowledge, more wisdom! Oduduwa nation for life!”

@OlukanniAdemol1: “This men gallant ooo…. Make Dem give them machine. Who be bokoharam…?”

@STRENGTHMRRIGH: “welcome to the world welcome to your land forever, your land on Earth to stood your ground now or never… #Godcomment.”

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