Now, can someone tell me the sort of country we are in? When Jonathan was made acting president and started some sweeping changes, many Nigerians (myself inclusive) hailed his moves. I specifically thought that a true leader has emerged. But the nominees in his new cabinet makes me want to think otherwise. Okay, the list has some technocrats and other Nigerians who have proven themselves, but can someone pls tell me what people like Josephine Anenih, Nduesso Essien and Daggash are doing in that list. The one of Murtala Yar'adua is just funny. It all sums up to the fact that, for every step we take in the right direction, we take ten steps in the wrong direction.

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Political leaders now a days are just corrupted individuals who thought nothing about the civilians and just want the chair to build up their bank account. 


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