It is necessary to remind undergraduates, just incase they forgot, that this school resumption comes with a lot of spikes which may wear a little uncomfortable outlook. With the level of tensions that accompanied the recent school resumption, I mean you should expect anything. Though not bad, there are new arrangements which you may have to accept as new normal as you resume your academic activities in school from the halls of school residence, lecture halls and even the communication style may likely change.

While students are excited to get back to school as usual, parents and guardians are worried about how safe it is out there for their children, institutions on the other hand have become more conscious and strategic about the security measures to adopt so as not to fall short of the resumption protocols as prescribed.

To that effect, expect anything that looks like so;

A tweak in teaching and learning pattern

For the sake of health safety, schools might as well introduce virtual learning into their learning structure to minimize the rate of physical contact. However, taking this measure requires tech enhanced equipment and new teaching/learning plan to accommodate the new shift considering the number of students in view.

See education research project materials on e-learning outcomes on students

‘Rituals’ at school gate                      

Washing of palms under running water, rubbing of palms with hand sanitizers and the signal of “NO MASK, NO ENTRY” at the entrance of establishments are not bizarre anymore. What may likely make the whole difference could be that it’s the first time you may have to do that in school. Doing this every day becomes normalized ‘ritual’.

Restructuring of halls of residence  

I really do not know how possible it is, but school, I meant Universities with strict covid 19 safety compliance squad will ensure safety measures are followed in the hostels from fumigation to distancing bunks from another. While this approach may help, it does not guarantee safety because it’s a virus we are talking about and it is spread through air. Reducing the number of occupants per room and have them share the same airspace, all locked up say at night after the day’s activities, makes it unsafe for students.

Compliments from a distance

‘Avoid handshake’ is also part of the campaign but somehow, it’s one of those initial means of exchanging pleasantries in human communication that is inevitable.

However, if a very close acquaintance refuses to give a hand shake, you don’t have to get it twisted, it’s all for safety.

Normalize facemask wearing

Some feel really uncomfortable on face mask while others are well thriving on it like they can’t do without it. If you meet such, please do not be amazed, the fear of catching the virus renews their consciousness.

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