on Plateau belonged to everybody irrespective of … – Jang

on Plateau belonged to everybody irrespective of … – Jang yesterday


Buhari, IBB, Ciroma, Atiku and co are Nigerians, have full rights to go anywhere in Nigeria settle or do whatever they want except things our Nigeria law forbids. They may be outlaws politically, but its only Nigeria law will deal with them not governor of a state. Don't be discouraged, write more but keep it clean and meaningful.

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plateau state govenor wats wrong wit u?are u not d one saying d plateau is not belong to the people of jos north both christ and muslms???
Nigeria belongs to all of us. Therefore the states belong to all of us too.  Every citizen has the right to live in a state of his or her choice and becomes a citizen of that state after ten years of sojourn in that state.


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