on IBB condemns fuel subsidy removal, says it’s ill-timed.

on IBB condemns fuel subsidy removal, says it’s ill-timed 5 days ago......................................

IBB, why worry? If Jonathan steps are wrong, he will bear the consequences not you. So, leave him to serve. He is the president of federal republic of Nigeria, elected by people of federal republic of Nigeria not army who elected you during your days.

If he is wrong or right in removing fuel subsidy, history will judge him. We should give jonathan time, at least three or six months to see how he rules without fuel subsidy before calling for nationwide strike. Elderly men suppose to reason differently from way the youths reason, IBB.

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Abi, tell him.

IBB should note that Nigerians have not fully recovered from the pains he inflicted on them from his 8 years of misrule.  So let him sit down in his mansion and enjoy his loots of 8 years.


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