I wonder how many properties this man owns that I still need to know about? I intend working as a wife but with his level of wealth I really don’t know if he would allow me do my professional job.
I’m not going to be the one who will start an argument while we ought to be having our honeymoon moon, I left the whole thing to slide off.
Baby we need to leave as early as possible tomorrow, I have some Appointments I need to keep up with.
OK baby, I replied.
We left very early the next day. I was wearing a blue short grouses, matched with a blue camisole.
You are looking hot honey, Luke said.
Thank you I replied.
Baby, I think Rachel will be home before we leave for our apartment.
She doesn’t talk much, all you need intimate her with is “I’m your new mum, she will almost Freak out at first but just be calm and maintain whatever you think can attract you to her. My baby is sure not easy to please… Please bear...

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