“I fought a war to make sure Nigeria is one, I am still carrying the strap line up till today, I don’t want anybody to carry it.

“I cannot do anything to threaten the unity of Nigeria, only idiots will associate me with such a terrible thing.”
These were statement credited to Ex President IBB.

Am sure that soldiers go for war for possibly two reasons or more: to protect their country or to forestall the interest of the rulling elite of the country. For a leader of the calibre of IBB under whose dispensation a Journalist of the standard of Dele Giwa was gruesomly mudered and the misery to his death abandoned does not sail. The freedom of communication well promoted by many is to grant the average Nigerian opportunity to express self. And what happened that an ICON in journalism like Dele Giwa was killed within a time of IBB leadership. But recently four journalist were kidnaped in Abia state and we saw this present government's determination to wage war for the masses whose interest is borne by those four journalists like Dele Giwa.

IBB did not fight for Dele Giwa even in his death. And many other wars expected of great and patriotic leaders are left unattended till now.
It would be fair to say that a General knows better which for interest he fights a war at all times. Either he fights for his self actualization or for the country.

The unity of this country cannot be based on threats by the few Northern elite. I have been to the North sometime a very few are celebrated in the midst vast majority deliberately kept in bondage through ignorance. These guys live in the worst conditions in this life. Adamu Ciroma and co, what have they done to get about 20% Northern youths basically educated. It is not in calling ALLAH and undermine the fullfilment of peoples. Please there should first be a true fight for the Northern poeple to be like others. I asked a young man from the North of middle age living in the south south what he thinks about living there he said he preferes to stay back there. For a young northern youth of 12-25 years to use GSM or internet or communicate in English or watch the TV then he/she must be born of a minister or commissioner or Governor or the political leaders. This is not right. The fight for Nigerians by the North elite should start from their home.
It is more idiotic and verily devilish to waste the lives of those millions of youths in the North than the association of names in the Abuja Bombing because those youths and people of the North would have added immense value and contribution to our great country Nigeria.

Let's not fight again but build this great country where all the citizens would be averagely okay as God has given us. The oil alone from the south can can keep this country up if the presidency ; the governors; the local government chairmen, NASS and the state Reps in concert with the civil society play well the management of our resources. Please NO MORE WAR

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