Nine (9) Tips To Meet Undergraduate Research Project Deadline

As a student, you must understand that all the study activities in the university involve an element of organization and self management. Where these qualities become very essential and important and will be put to test is in independent research project which comes usually at your final year in the university as an undergraduates or masters or even PhD. Understanding self and time management will go a long way in helping you during your research project.

In writing research project, you must understand that you need to be ready to respond dynamically to any challenges you might face along the way in writing research project. To complete a research project on time, it requires the completion of multiple, interrelated activities and multiple deadlines.

The amount of deadlines that are being missed despite the fact that meeting them is seen as vital to project success urges for a better understanding of the factors influencing timely project performance. Here are Nine (9) tips to meet research project deadline:

1). You Must Understand The Topic

You cannot be writing a research project amiss of what the topic is all about. You must have a firsthand knowledge and understanding of what the topic is all about. That is why it is advisable to choose an area of interest for all undergraduate project topics. Do not choose a topic for the sakes of just fulfilling an academic curriculum of writing an independent research project. In all your years in the university, you must have identified a problem that call for an urgent attention and solution, you can choose to make that your research project topic because it has your attention and you will also have a better understanding of the topic.

Why it is important that you understand your research project topic is because it will save you lot of time and meeting up with the deadline will be achievable as you must have conquered time wasting by understanding the topic and haven develop keen interest in carrying out such research. It will also not be difficult to source out materials as understanding the topic will also lead you to the right places to source for materials for your research project topic.

  1. Improve Your Ability On How To Source For Materials

An understanding of the research project topic will automatically speak a lot of where you should source for materials. Improving your ability on how to source for materials will require you to broaden your horizon in search of materials. Go beyond your immediate environment, ask questions, seek peoples advise and opinions on where and how to get materials for your research project topics. However, if you do not understand your research project topic, it becomes difficult to know where to get materials from as well as getting the wrong materials and this will mean not meeting the deadline.

  1. Learn Data Analysis Skill Before You Engage In Project Writing

In writing research project and also meet up with the deadline, it is very important to learn data analysis skill because it will go a long way in helping you meet up with time. The absence of data analysis skill while writing research project will leave you frustrated along the way. After writing chapter one, two and three you go blank and become frustrated because you don’t know what to do since data analysis begins in chapter four. So it is advisable to be abreast with the knowledge of data analysis. It can be learnt online or you pay to learn to avoid been counted among the multitude that say research project is frustrating and time taking.

  1. Improve Your Relationship With Your Supervisor

This is very necessary. The benefit that comes with improving your relationship with your supervisor cannot be over emphasized as long as research project writing is concerned. A good relationship with your supervisor will save you a lot of stress and troubles of having to restart your research project writing afresh as the case may be and will save your time also. In most cases, students neglect the influence their supervisors can make in their research project writing journey. Your relationship with your supervisor is very well needed and cannot be jettisoned if a well formulated and articulated research project must be achieved as well as meeting up with the deadline. This is so because; your supervisor can give you an insight into what is expected of you, even help you with information on where to source for materials. Students make the mistake of not taking their project supervisors along in their research project writing, and end up correcting a lot of mistakes in their research project some may even have to rewrite their research project. this would have been avoided if there was an improved relationship with your supervisor.

  1. Look At Previous Research From Your Department And Gain Insight

It is appalling to know that most students do not even know the prerequisites to research project writing. They don’t know what a research project looks like, what is all about, how to go about it even how to start, they do not know how to choose a topic, and lot more. In order to solve this problem, you can take a look at previous research project from your department so as to gain insight and have a clue of what you are getting into and how to go about it. It will be an added advantage to you rather than writing blindly.

  1. Give Two (2) Hours Of Your Schedule To Your Research Project

Learn and master self and time management because it will be much needed and an added advantage to you in writing your research project. Make sure to add, writing your research project in your daily routine. You can give two (2) hours every day to writing your research project before you know it you must have completed your research project and may be even be ahead of time as the case may be. Don’t let any day pass without attending to your research project, even if it’s a page or two you are able to write the most important thing is that you are making progress. Mastering these tips will help you meet up with the deadline in writing your research project.

  1. Learn To Ask Questions

No man is an island nor have a monopoly of knowledge. An adage says, he who ask questions don’t miss his way. In order to meet up with the deadline in writing research project, you must learn to ask questions from those who have written before you, your superiors, people in that field you are carrying out research on and even your supervisor. Asking relevant questions as regards your research project will make your research journey a smooth one without much hurdles. Asking questions is getting directions and guidelines and will save you from running around circle and getting frustrated.

  1. Get A Project Coach

This is very important. Getting a project coach is another easy way out of research project frustration. He/ she will be a guide to you. Aside your supervisor, another important personality you should get is a project coach. Getting a project coach should be someone who is very knowledgeable on research project or a data analyst he/she will make your research work faster.

  1. You Can Hire A Writer

In worst scenarios, you can hire a writer form any good project sites for example Hiring a writer form any good project site will save you the stress of writing research project yourself. The only thing required of you, will be to pay the hired writer and have your research project completed on time and given to you without you going through the stress of getting a topic, sourcing for materials and others. Just pay a writer for this service and relax.

In conclusion, writing a research project shouldn’t be death sentence or frustrating as most students see it that way rather adopt these nine (9) tips into writing your research project and be happy as well as meeting up with the deadline on submission of your research project.

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