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Many Nigerians on social media on Friday, have expressed their opinions over the lock down of Nigeria in bid to curtail the further spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Recall Vanguard in an online survey on its official Facebook Page (@Vanguardnews) recently asked its followers on their opinions over the lock down of  the country over COVID-19.

Some of the recipients who responded to the survey welcomed the idea of clamping down the country as they see it as deemed fit to curtail the spread of the pandemic while others are of contrary opinions because, they see as 'an end before the means'.

In his reaction, Edwin Iniye Uroupa affirmed to the survey, he said; "Yes, lock down is very good to contain the spread of covid19, but they should provide for the citizens first, if not, there's going to be very strong hunger virus everywhere..."

Sagir Wakili Musa in accordance with the above view, said the government should make necessary provisions for the citizens during the period so as to avoid hunger strike. 

Temitope Martins Ajayi in his submission, was more concerned about the measures put in place to enable the citizens sustain themselves during the lock down.


"Am not against the lockdown provided necessary measures are considered because, you can say people should stay at home when there is no money to buy food stuffs and necessary items during the lockdown, majority of Nigerians feed themselves from their daily earning/hustle not to talk of homeless fellows that sleep anywhere night fall on them......... abeg make Una think before taking actions," he said.

In his part, Mamah Francis Chekwube disagreed with other users over the lock down policy.

He said; "Locking down the Nation is not the best solution, Nigerians are massively poor with many relying on their daily earning, as the situation is now, many are already getting it hard to put food on their table, compare to when the Nation is locked down totally . for example me."

Hilary Precious and Emmanuel Nkemjika both supported Chekwube's submission, saying the masses' interest should be first considered by the government before embarking on the policy.

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