Nigerian Police Salary breakdown, 2018 Structure for monthly|annual payment

Nigerian Police Salary breakdown, 2018 Structure for monthly|annual...

i know this will answer so many debt and questions you may have. talking of the Nigeria police also know as NPF salary structure. Note that a Nigerian police officer’s salary is dependent on his or her rank in the Nigerian Police and grade.

And also take note that the Nigerian police is a rather serious structure which was built in 1930. Nowadays, it consists of 36 teams which is spread across the country and are classified into 12 various zones. It should be noted here that all these zones are operated by the seven various administrative organs.

There are over 2 000 police stations in Nigeria you can screw down to view the list. NPF SALARY STRUCTURE FROM RECRUIT TO INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE

1.Police Recruit Salary per month – N9,019.42 Annual Salary – N108,233

2a. Police Constable Grade Level

03 Salary per month – N43, 293.80 Annual Salary – N519,525.6

2b. Police Constable Grade Level 10 Salary per month – N51,113.59 Annual Salary- N613,363.08

3a. Police Corporal On Grade 04 (1) click link to view all post

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