Nigeria Under APC Rule. What’s Next For Nigeria?

The quest for democracy by Nigerians have been more or less a bless to a Nation whose Economic situation have been hinged on corruption of officials who have been placed to help salvage the degrading of the society. Well, that not minding, we will be discussing in a little detail Nigeria Under APC Rule. Before the democratic era, Nigeria actually had some good times under the dictatorship of the Military though it recorded more corruption than what we have seen in the democratic era.apc-flag

Nigeria as a Nation have not fared relatively well under the APC Regime. Many people have ascribed the current economic woes the country is facing to the present regime. In fact whatever hardship the country faces today as far as Nigerians are concerned is caused by either President Buhari or APC. Is this really true? If you have the opportunity to hear the defense mechanism being employed by the current administration, you will be amaze at the level at which the ordinary Nigerians have been taken for granted.

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They will tell you that the current economic hardship the country is experiencing was the mastermind of the previous administration led by For president Goodluck Jonathan. If this is true and maybe true, are we going to suffer for the failures of the past? If actually they felt PDP failed, why did they not allow them to repeat just as the former first lady asserted?

To me, the flop of the first regime should not be a yardstick for the current failures of the present administration. We have seen situations where former regimes fails and current ones do well. How did Nigeria find themselves in this kind of situation where we have to buy a bag of rice for N27.000, the price of dollar as at today is N475 to a Dollar. How bad can that be? I remember reading a book where it was stated that a Dollar cost three naira that was in 1979. That’s what we are talking about. How did the Nation find itself in this dire situation?

APC, have not fielded questions Nigerians have thrown to them. They have not been able to answer us the questions we are asking. At a point, Nigerians chanted “ Bring back our corruption” That’s how bad it has gotten. Buhari for me should not make the fight against corruption the main stream for his administration. He should remember that many people are suffering and the fight against corruption has not been of help to the ordinary man on the street.

If we are to analyse the fight against corruption, there are some eye catching questions that ought to be raised. For example, the broom stick that chases past and present corrupt officials, does that same broomstick not chase after those corrupt persons in APC? All the persons that have been caught, tried by the EFCC, have all come from the opposition party. None have come from APC. Why if I may ask? Is there any APC member that have not tested from the plate food of PDP? Only a few can be singled out. The likes of Oyegun, Baba Fashiola, and Ahmed Tinubu. These are the few who have from the onset never been a PDP member.

We have come to realize that as long as you are not under the umbrella of PDP, the Broom of APC will not sweep you. Recently, we have been seeing mass exodus of persons from PDP to APC. For me, these ones are those who are either escaping the fear hand of APC or are looking for quick political portfolio which they could only get from being an APC member.

In conclusion, my desire is to see a great Nigeria. Not a Nigeria that can’t be flexible to changes. The resources we have in this country both human and non human are vast that no man can comprehend. We are in a situation where the fight against corruption and the neglect for the people’s demand has turned the country into a place where survival by any means has become the order of the day. Fraud today, stands triumphantly in the midst of merit.

Nigeria Under APC Rule. What’s Next For Nigeria?

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