Nigeria Prisons CG To Investigate Rights Violation Clip

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The Controller General (CG) of the Nigeria Prisons Service (NPS), Ahmed Jar’faru, has constituted a team to carry out investigation into a trending video clip, which shows some Prisons officers manhandling a civilian.

The CG, who promised to carry out disciplinary action on the officers

shown in the clip if actually indicted said, “I won’t tolerate indiscipline and I will not hesitate to sanction them accordingly to serve as detriment to others. We are reformers and we can’t afford to behave the other way round.”

The Prisons boss in a statement signed by the national spokesman, DCP Francis Enobore, further said, “Consequently, we have constituted a team to carry out investigation into the incident and forward the report to my office for immediate action.

“Members of the public should rest assured that any officer found culpable will be duly sanctioned as the NPS remains a highly disciplined and professional organisation, which has been a vanguard against violation of human rights in any form.”

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