Complete List Of Postal Code For Nigeria States | Nigeria Postal Code

Abuja (F.C.T) 900001
Kogi State 260001
Plateau State 930001
Adamawa State 640001
Bauchi State 740001
Rivers State 500001
Lagos (Island) 101001
Lagos (Mainland) 100001
Enugu State 400001
Imo State 460001
Borno State 600001
Taraba State 660001
Yobe State 320001
Kwara State 240001
Niger State 920001
Jigawa State 720001
Kaduna State 800001
Kano State 700001
Abia State 440001
Anambra State 420001
Ebonyi State 840001
Akwa Ibom State 520001
Delta State 320001
Edo State 300001
Ogun State 110001
Ondo State 340001
Katsina State 820001
Kebbi State 860001
Sokoto State 840001
Osun State 230001
Oyo State 200001


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