It is so dishaertening that innocent citizens continue to lose their lives from the barbaric acts of an illiterates, visionless, backwardness, and satanic so call boko haram, disapointment is not just the word, all the security aparatus and leadership of GEJ has totally failed her citizens that depends on him. i find it difficult to understand why the leader of the group Tishau is freelancing to even granted celebrity interview by news medias instead of been arrested. To my surprise, he even have the audacity to say he warned the police. what a country is Nigeria that a criminal mass murderer will have the guts to celebrate mass murder of innocent citizen and remain a free person. To Tishau, boko haram leader their goal is spread islam across the country, that is how visonless they are, a task he and his satanic islamist religiounist knows is impossible. My question is, what is the Federal government doing?. from all indication, it seems the leadership is crueless, or in supportive of the sect. Is this how GEJ plan to lead Nigeria?. No one is advocating for dictatorship but at same time not give in to sabotuers without course. No ethnic or religious group own Nigeria no matter their ideological belief, and no citizen should be allow to die on ideological belief of some group of visionless religious sects. Leadership is about following the rule of law, stand by it, and prosecutes those in conflict by it without fear or favor. I think it is right to say, "if mohammed fails to go to the mountain, the mountain should go to  Mohammed". It is time GEJ take the fight to BOKO HARAM irrespective of the outcomes and objection of Northern leaders who are backers of the barbaric group. I implored GEJ to take a decisive action to restore peace to innocent citizens been murdered daily. To GEJ, if your action is to be label dictatorial, so be it, all Nigerians need is peace and security, it is you obligation to Nigerians as their leaders. You either be a leaders and act like a leader not FOLD like a folower.

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Exactly true! And the day boko haram will hit any southern city, that day is the day Nigeria will physically start dividing. Now we are already divided in mind and spirit.
As long as my God is on the throne, Christianity shall never die in Nigeria.
" If muhammed fails to go to the mountain the mountain should go to muhammed" what you means with this statement.
Chris, please don't abuse us not all the muslims in the north are supporting their ugly action.what they are doing is totaly the teaching of islam our clergies in the eid prayer ground yesterday they condermed their actiom, because both the only Qur'an &hadith there is know any place stated categoricaly to attack & kill people. It is the careless of govt that give room to Boko haram to acquired weapons, where is securies agencies sss, immigratiom, police they suppost to detect them before they grow stranger. Where are they getting weapons?
What is surprising me is know any former president from north the say anythink they keep quiet watching, they are afraid of die. Former president Olusegun despite all the risk he went to Borno and talk to them, this man distinguish himself from I b b, Buhari who are always thinking of how to be president, they will nerver be the president again "in sha Allah" govt should do everything to bring them to book our life is not save we don't have confidence on police who always collecting 20 naira on our highways from motorize.


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