Your point on system is noted, but remembers one thing: you can only reap what you sow.  If a farmer plants his crop in arid or contaminated soil he can not expect fine harvest like a famer that planted his own crop on fertile well nurtured soil. For the poor farmer to improve his harvest, it is reasonable that he start from investigating the condition and state of his soil and not by merely swapping seeds.

Nigeria’s state of affairs is similar to the situation of the botched tale farmer above. If the failed farmer stubbornly and without reasoning continues to plant on the same ground without shifting land he would never archive anything good and sooner or later he would die of hunger and abject poverty. To solve a problem correctly, you have to go to the root of the cause.  Nigeria is not America and there is no country in the world you can transplant American political system that will effectively perform like in the US. The system can not replicas, and can not operate flawlessly any where outside the United State. The American founding fathers created that system of government that suite their country‘s needs and taking into account the nature of American populace. There was not and there is no other country like America in the world. That country is unique both in populace and history of her emergence as a sovereign nation.

Nigeria is made up of many ethnic group presently knotted in six regions.  In my opinion the authors of this regional formation were in the right direction at the beginning.  What we need to do now is to conclude what those sensible instigators have commenced. We should organize a national sovereign conference to negotiate a genuine federal system. Formation of a true federation is crucial to Nigeria’s survival as an entity. These six regions have to be an autonomous entity with full control of their domestic affairs including all natural resources.  There is nothing new here. We are not trying to invent bicycle in 21st century. That was the template of governing system handed over to Nigeria by the British on independence and the country was govern like that for few years before military intervention. That is how most thriving democratic nations of the world administers their political system. Nigeria’s ethnic’s constituencies is similar to what exists in most countries on the globe especially in Western Europe where democracy has been in practice effectively for hundreds of years. United Kingdom, Switzerland and Federal Republic of Germany are good examples.  The formation of United Arab Emirate is another brilliant example in the league of newly emerging economically and politically flourishing nations. There is no magic or any other short cut to building a prosperous country than laying a solid political administrative foundation which is tailored to and acceptable by majority of the country’s populace. For Instance, there is no way you can build a durable house without first of all constructing a solid foundation on which the structure would be erected. Failure to observe this tenet is an open invitation to anarchy, disaster and chaos. Under such mayhems, lots of dubious characters would crop up in the name of messiahs or politicians, whereas their main objective is to deprive the people of their resources and enrich themselves on the sweat of helpless citizens. It is not too late to correct the situation in Nigeria….but time is running out....


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