Sometimes, I Imagine if this country “Nigeria” is really ready to help herself by helping the youths. Every now and then recruitment exercises are been carried out, and in each of this said recruitment you have
to go to internet to register after paying some money in either the bank or in
the office of the ministry conducting the recruitment.

The one the baffles me mostly is the recent NDLEA recruitment, this was a one hell of recruitment that the date and venue for the recruitment was not made available on time for the applicants to prepare
towards it. This caused a lot of applicant not to participate in the exercise;
this I refer to as share wickedness.

Imagine what that applicant went through to purchase the form (N500) and also the stress that was involve in applying on net. And the government seems not to be doing anything about it.

I was moved to write this article because, just this morning I heard something on frank talk about the NDLEA recruitment exercise; the funny thing is that if they knew they needed such few applicants (24 in number) then
while make the poor to waste the little they have all in the name that you want
to give them employment while the focus is to use them to make money, I should
be expecting EFCC or ICPC to look into this matter instead of looking for some
young boys trying to make earns meet, when our leaders even commit more than
what this boys most have collected in the event of their deals I for one I don’t
blame them. I believe God will not allow the wicked to go unpunished.

It is add time we use our tongue to count our teeth, they keep on complaining of Prostitution and robberying among our youths, but they are the cause.  The government is bad I tell
you, they have no human feelings.

To cap it up, I will suggest the money of those applicants not employed be refund back to them because of posterity sake. I for one I knew how I got the money to apply for the so called NDLEA recruitment.

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Are you surprised?  The corruption we are talking about has pemeated in every sphere of our national life.  Government agencies advertisement recruitment exercise, but they go through the back door to employ their relations even if they are not qualified for the job.  I pity those who spent their money to apply for the job. It is truely unfortunate.


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