At times i wounder what a beautiful country we live in ,filled with great mind ,great brains, this makes me walk tall, head up high knowing  fully well that am not a second class citizen but a good and  law abiding first class for that matter. Forgetting the ups and down we go through every day despite the non working governmental setting and the i don't care attitude of my fellow country men who take upon them selves killing one and other for the seek of religion,social and economical benefit forgetting the pains and agony they are inflating on each other giving on regards to human life when we have  so much battle in our hands but internal and external .The case of our no were about president is still there talk more OF mutallab,the ever yarning niger delta boyz for a better life ,please let continue an- other day,  what is my acting president doing? few month to the election still appointing cabinet,when are they going to start operations talk more of achieving i astep to a better naija i  await the future of the unborn be continue

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