"My wife takes 'womanpower' to satisfy her lovers", Local man cries inside court

A man has begged a court to end his marriage in Ibadan.
The man identified as Julius Akintola approached a Grade `C’ Customary Court sitting at Mapo in Ibadan, on Friday asking that an eight-year-old marriage between him and his estranged wife, Ejide be dissolved on the grounds of adultery and lack of love.
According to NAN, delivering judgment, the President of the Court, Chief Ademola Odunade, held that the court dissolved the union between Julius and Ejide to forestall an impending calamity as a result of the respondent’s unfaithfulness.
“The marriage between Julius and Ejide has ceased to be in the interest of peaceful living and custody of the two children is granted to the respondent.
“The plaintiff shall pay a monthly feeding allowance of N8, 000 for the children’s upkeep in addition to being responsible for their education and other basic needs,” Odunade said.
The arbitrator however, counseled would-be couples to be very careful and choose right in their quest for marriage so as not to fall victims of dangerous spouses.
Earlier, Akintola, a Loto Agent and a resident of Oke-Labo area in Ibadan had told the court that he was completely frustrated of his matrimony to Ejide because she shared what should belong only to him with other men outside.
“I never knew that I had taken an adulteress as a wife when things were good and rosy for me because I gave Ejide all she requested in excess.
“In fact, I dashed her N1 million when I won a lottery.
“However, Ejide became a harlot when my business went bad, sleeping about with men,’’ he said.
According to him, a particular concubine of hers, usually come and carry her early in the morning and return her late in the night including calling each other in my presence.
“Worst still, Ejide sometime describe her romantic time while discussing with the man on mobile phone and I used to see her taking womanpower that could enhance her sexual enjoyment.
“One day, I challenged her for dumping our two children and leaving home for three days; Ejide picked up a bottle and broke it on my head.
“As if those were not enough, I caught her red-handed in a hotel with that same man and she told me that I would not return home alive for investigating her escapades.
“I have been solely responsible for catering for the children including washing their dresses, cooking their food and taking them to school,” Akintola said.

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