Jacob Simon

And she lamented the depth of her pains, "Not again! Tenth heartbreak in my trajectory lifetime,am useless in this accursed world,my eyes are blinded by the storms of man's callousness, happiness is exorbitant here!; transisting to the beyond is my cheapest solace, nothing is worth living for!death a worthy companion..."

In the solitude of this psycho-emotional fireworks with obscured faith in divinity and the compounding infidelity of human, thousands of youths have shortened the span of their existence.

Little credence has been given to the act, as nay-sayers feel it is a show of cowardice and exhibition of stark ignorance of the supremacy of the creator.

Whilst others who seem to be apologetic to the 21st century life-shortening malady have argued sympathetically, that the menance is a depravity of rationality and accumulated faithlessness in mortality.

It is referred to euphemistically as "DEPRESSION"; typical of it's victims is the penchant to drop notes either explaining the justification for their act or a cryptic quote that emboldens the vanity of this mortal phase.

The chemical mixture called SNIPER originally intended for exterminating rodents and other parasitic insects have ultimately become the most comforting path to the realm of o immortality.

Despite banning the sell of this commodity by the federal government,it appears a black market has been created to aid accessibility for its esteemed vulnerable consumers, "everything is worth living for" is the echo that reverberates the atmosphere during the funeral rites of these youths.

Regrettably, the parents and loved ones are the biggest losers in this subtle engulfment of hopelessness,and perhaps the only solution to this momentary emotional and psychological retrograde is to embrace love and the giver of love, God.

It has painfully become a recurrent challenge in the various citadels of learning spread across the nation with disturbing stories of how young promising lads commit sucide or the attempt of same.

More recently, a serving corps member in Enugu state was reported to have drank two bottles of the poisonous substance (Sniper) and was found lying motionless in her room with a written note saying "Nothing is worth living for".The reasons for her abominable actions are yet to be ascertained.

However, study has shown that most of the victims commit this dastardly act on account of serial heartbreaks from a long standing relationship with their lovers(which seems to be the most predominant cause), failure to achieve an expected goal like the failure to excel in an examination or even a long accumulated and bottled-up pain which ultimately inhibits every sense of rationality left in them.

The society has to rise up from it's protracted slumber and fight against this blood-sucking and life-shortening disease called Depression before our future is raped of its best products.

Little acts of love, affectionate display of concern and a practice of true neighbourliness could certainly be the prognosis required to stamp out this evil in our society the "face your business mantra" comes with dire consequences and as such we must turn around the tide and embrace what my friend called "Live strong, live together, live free!".

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