Babatunde Raimi
She was created to fly, are we not all?
No, she was designed to soar
Oh! What an Eagle she turned out to be
Scaling new heights 
Following the paths of least resistance 
While we slept and snore in our palaces
She conquers the skies, that we may live
She is Nigeria's first female Combat Helicopter Pilot
She is a trans-generational blessing to generations unborn 
A pacesetter and trailblazer by all standards 
The bullets didn't kill her, who did?
She was a faithful steward with a knack for excellence 
She did it tirelessly beyond her best
Sacrificially, she advanced the Nigerian cause
To us, she is a legend, so we engrave her eternally in a poem
With pens of gold and points of diamond 
Your assignment was to give Nigerians rest
And you did this in flying colours in your uniform
You didn't make mistakes flying our birds 
Why are our youths dying at their prime?
This could have been averted, but why did HE allow it?
"This one pain us well well..."
Is it because we have bowed to foreign gods?
Sadly, who are we to question the Maker?
You have exchanged mortality for immortality 
Zoe, the God kind of life is bestowed on you
You have exited this world with a clean bill certificate 
Inspiring the next generation of female combatants 
If you really want anything done, give it to a female 
This you have displayed in grace and style 
Sometimes, answers to great things are found in death 
Your death taught us to live for legacies not luxuries and frivolities 
In the end, we are all accountable to The Supreme Being
The One that knows the end from the beginning
If you die today, what will be said of you?
It is inevitable, it will come when it will come
True books never die. True songs never fade.
True heroes and heroines never die
They live forever, even on the pages of poetry 
That's why, as a Poet, I join my fellow countrymen to say;
Thank you for your service to our nation and the world 
Till we meet again, adieu Tolulope Arotile.

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