Mushroom Cultivation - A Tool For wealth Creation And Employment Generation

Mushroom farming is an agricultural venture that will give the farmer 100% return on investment within one year. Mushroom farming also known as “waste converted to wealth” unknown to many is a tool for wealth creation and employment generation, because of the presence of foreign investors it has become very relevant today as people use mushroom as food on daily basis. Mushroom market is so big that we need more mushroom farmers to meet the daily need of mushrooms in super markets, hotels, restaurants and especially Chinese restaurants that are everywhere in Nigeria.

For some decades now Nigeria has solely relied on oil as the major source of income, and this has affected the economy adversely today because of the fall of oil price in the international market. Agriculture which should have contributed to our economy has been abandoned by the government and those privileged enriched themselves with the oil wells found all over the Niger Delta region, while people particularly young graduates go about the streets looking for jobs that are not even available, some even resort to riding motor cycles (okada) and tri-cycles popularly known as keke.

Statistics have shown that before the oil boom in the 1970s agriculture was the major source of income, employment and foreign exchange in Nigeria but the reverse is the case today. The immediate past government came to understand the problems faced as a result of our sole dependence on oil and decided to make agricultural reforms which I believe will bring about a drastic change in the economy of this country if taken seriously.

Now let’s talk about the relevance of mushroom farming in the agricultural sector. Mushroom is a fungus and has the characteristics of plants and animals but it will interest you to know that mushroom is the most prolific and versatile agricultural venture. Yes, I mean it, unlike other crops mushroom can be harvested daily all year round. And has ready market both at home and abroad. The challenge faced by mushroom farmers is that the government has not come to terms with the potentials of mushroom farming. But it is also a thing of joy that mushroom farmers are gradually springing up and if the number of mushroom farmers continues to increase, they will be able to put them in cans for export.  

Following the intervention of the government in 1978 called “Household Responsibility System’ mushroom output in China has reached over 8 million tons accounting for 70% of the world’s total, employing over 130 million people on mushroom production.

Mushroom production, a veritable tool for national development.

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