Episode 6

“so how do we go about your friend’s paper. Will you also write for her?” i suddenly asked, fetching out the exam answer papers from the file i held.

“write what?, i don’t understand sir” Comfort asked with astonishment.

“we are here for the exam you missed, are we not?” i asked nervously.

“of we are but you can’t expect me to write the exam here. Can’t you just award marks to us. Did you pay for a hotel room just for me to write an exam i missed?” she protested, while i dropped the papers with embarrassment.

Of course i came for s-x but i just didn’t know how to start. She was my student for crying out loud. Yea we somehow looked like age mates but it still didn’t change the fact that i was about selling my dignity for a juicy k---y.

“oh sir you are just dulling me. You are behaving like an old man” she hissed boldly, stood up, took off her top and kicked out her trouser, facing me like a hot stripper. I instantly got aroused over the sight of her juicy body.

I swallowed hard, drew close and grabbed her...Read more

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