“you girls should stand up” i breathed calmly. They all obeyed and stared at me hopefully.

“write down your phone numbers on this paper, i will call when i make up my mind” i added, pushing a booklet towards them. They smiled happily, wrote down their phone numbers and left while i sat down and thought over what i was about doing.

I weighed the risks and consequences of sleeping with them. It definitely would turn me into a cheat and something like that never easily stops once it starts. And if things go wrong, i could lose my job. I could lose my wife, my dignity and respect. I could lose everything i had struggled to build. But surprisingly, the more i thought about it, the more i had the urge to sleep with the girls.

I really never had the opportunity to enjoy girls as i wanted during my university days because i was very much preoccupied in making a 1st class which i finally earned to the detriment of my social life. I never had real fun in school and it just looked that moment as if i was being offered all i missed as a student...Read more

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