MQ1530 ball mill produced by Zoneding Machine is widely used in metal and nonmetal mines, building materials and other industrial sectors of various minerals and rock grinding operation.

Principle: The rotation is through the ball mill motor driven pinion gear shift operation, the pinion installed on the
cylinder rotation gear, and slow down, speed gear are rotating cylinder

operation to work, the material in the feed gradually into the hollow shaft
cover cylinder body, in the cylinder spins, centrifugal force and friction
generated, so that medium (steel balls) and the ore up to a certain height with
the cylinder wall when the weight of a parabola with its fall or drip down ,
grind the ore is mainly broken by the impact when the media fall when the
abrasive force and motion to achieve, the cylinder with the movement of ore
into the ore to rely on constant pressure to achieve, the final discharge from
the discharge cover of the hollow shaft. Wet grinding, the ore taken away by
water, dry mill, the ore is extracted to the air outside the tube out.

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