Motivation will fail you if you depend on it for weight loss

If I can guess correctly, one of your New Year resolutions was to lose weight and get in shape again; but from all indications you can’t still find your way out if that mess partly because you were hoping some motivation would help. Well, the truth is that motivation isn’t what you need right now; all you need is discipline and willpower to loss the pound of weight you need to get in shape.

The kind of discipline you need for weight loss is one that should be mentally activated. Discipline is when you choose between what you want and what you want now (what you need); and the best sort of discipline is self-discipline. Discipline they say is like a muscle, if you don’t have it you build it; and you need to work on it till you have just enough. Motivation is fleeting and deceitful and will surely fail you if you depend on it for weight loss.

Attitudes to weight loss is more a brain game than you can physically imagine and is controlled by willpower; so whichever choices you make wins and rules and if you can’t say no to snacking all night, reducing your portion of meal per time, cautioning your choice of diets and relaxing too often, you shouldn’t have your dietitian to blame.

That’s exactly one of the real reasons diet don’t work - lack of self-discipline. Usually, the weight loss therapy sequence goes like: healthy diet, good exercise, weight loss pills, …. But when it comes to take real action, the motivation that inspired the list runs ahead leaving you back in the dark. You actually forgot the first in the list – discipline.

What do you think will be the fate of a habitual smoker who keeps going back to smoke after getting a treatment for a heart disease; certainly not a god one; ‘am trying to make you understand here that you need to treat weight loss from the root cause and not give it a consolation attitude.

Listen up please; the more you allow the fat to accumulate in there, the more difficult it is to loss off. So if you already gathered some discipline, please put it to work; though I doubt ‘cause if you had it you wouldn’t come this far on this. If you do not have it, please build it and let motivation go to those who need. You certainly do not need motivation for weight loss; all you need for a good start is discipline, positive willpower and consistency.

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