www.MMMOffice.com was the first ponzi scheme in Nigeria, it helped lots of its registered members out from the present economic issue facing the country.

MMM Nigeria came with an initiative that enriched some Nigerians with little do


nation from individual to individual and bonuses that also came with it.

MMM which is Mavrodi Mundial Movement (Moneybox) was a platform where people could earn 30% every month from donations made to registered members.

The questions some people are asking is “Is MMM still paying, the answer is yes they are but that depends on the amount you put in, they are no more paying out huge amount like they used to, its still very much obvious that the ponzi scheme has an issue which is taking so long to rectify.

www.mmmoffice.com which is the official website where you can access to your Personal Office is still very much open and if you are already a registered member of MMM Nigeria login to your account is still very much possible.

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