Mistakes to avoid when writing undergraduate projects chapter 4

  • Table reading
  • Negligence to the significance of findings
  • Bad energy towards relating objectives and research questions
  • Avoid explaining tables without the objectives in view

The chapter four of a typical undergraduate project is the highpoint of the research where the data gathered throughout the research is statistically interpreted and explained in good prose. It is also the point where the actual significance of the undergraduate project topics under study are properly examined, following the objective the research sets to achieve and the research outcome.

However, students’ undergraduate projects may go wrong at the chapter 4 even though you got it all right from the undergraduate project topics. Put in another way, there are chances that undergraduates could make huge mistakes in their project chapter 4. Using this medium, I’m meant to sharpen your consciousness on mistakes you could avoid when writing your project chapter4.

Table reading

Table reading is usually considered a bad representation of data most times in research. Table reading is when you try writing out the data that is already presented in tables in a prose format. There is no need explaining or reading the table as it is again, all you have to do is explain what the table signifies in your research.

Negligence to the significance of findings

While trying to buttress on the data gathered following the objectives of the research, the significance of the research finding to the undergraduate project topic in view is indispensable. The significance is same as interpreting what your research findings means to the means to the society, taking time to point out what level of impact, influence and importance it has and also the disadvantage it has on the society whatever be the case.

Bad energy towards relating objectives and research questions

The research questions and the objectives are almost the same but one difference. The research questions raises queries which the research must provide answers to in the chapter for. So never neglect their differences and where they apply.

Avoid explaining tables without the objectives in view

If for instance your instrument for data analysis is questionnaire, it then means that each table in your data analysis answers to each research objective. It explains statistically the variables involved, the percentages and the resolution in figures.

However, if you didn’t have to conduct a survey during your undergraduate project research, you will also use tables but may not be as extensive as required when using survey.

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