Migrant Job Rate Currently Rising In Canada

Alljobstravis is pleased to bring to you new Immigration Updates as we bring to your notice that current migrant Job Rate is on the rise in Canada and why you should find out your chances of benefitting from the advantages of the rising job rate.


Based on a shortly released government data, over the past two years, about 24,000 people were admitted to Canada under the Global Skills Strategy program. The program makes room for an expedited application process for high-skilled foreign workers.

According to Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussein, nearly a quarter of the admitted people under the program had previously lived in the United States but were completely dissatisfied with the tighter visa restrictions of the country.

Data collected from the job listing site Indeed.com shows a fast uptick rate in the growing foreign interest in Canadian technology jobs, which often comes at the expense of the United States. In April 2019, alone, it was studied that more than 14 percent of clicks on Canadian technology jobs came from foreign workers; but only 9 percent of job clicks went to the U.S.

Even with the rising numbers of new immigrants to Canada, the rate of employment rate for recent immigrants reached a new high in 2018, according to what was announced by the Finance Ministry. The rate of employment immigrants within the ages of 25 to 54 reached 71 percent in 2018 which has seen its highest level since measurements were initially made in 2006.

The memo attributes the strong numbers to the country’s welcoming attitude toward immigrants as well as its focus on human capital and employability in immigration policy decisions.

However, not all of it is ideal for international migrants in Canada. Those who are coming into Canada for the purpose of study abroad might find it difficult to afford tuition and various kinds of costs associated with higher education if they are only allowed to work 20 hours per week on a student visa.

Some international students who even are studying in Cheap Canadian Universities have had to illegally work overtime in order for them to support their academic ambitions, and new cases against these international students have been making headlines and bringing this situation into a wider national discourse.

Canada: Will Hong Kong Residents Return to Canada?

As protests against the Hong Kong bill which is planned to allow for extraditions to China continue, experts say the Canadian government should rather get set for a “mass migration” as a large number of people is anticipated to flee Hong Kong to be able to take advantage of increasing migrant job rate. Experts also explain that Canadians who live and work in Hong Kong may feel safer to return back to Canada.

Rural Immigration Program: A Win-Win for Businesses and Immigrants

The economy in Canada is anticipated to see a boost as 11 communities have been selected for a new rural immigration program. The program will is created to increase migrant job rate in such a way as to allow rural employers to hire immigrants, while also allowing immigrants to be able to choose any one of these communities for permanent residency. This will hopefully give a solution to population declines and worker shortages that have affected so many rural and northern communities throughout Canada.

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