1.coats of skins--The body of flesh. Man was connected originally with

the spiritual-body idea, but when he took on personal consciousness

he was given "coats of skins," which, under divine law, corresponded

with the quality of his thought world. When spiritual thought becomes supreme in consciousness, the coats of skins will give way to the manifestation of the spiritual body, which is the immortal body that was spoken of by Paul.

2.compass, points of the--In scriptural symbology east means the

within, which is spiritual; west, the without, which is expression;

north, the above, or intellect; south, the below, or physical.

3.conditions, evil--In Divine Mind there is no recognition of evil

conditions. Such conditions have no basis of reality. To rid ourselves of any appearance of evil, let us change our thought at once and begin to build a consciousness that knows nothing but good. Let us affirm: "I am a child of the Absolute.

4.conqueror--Metaphysically, one who attains mastery over sense

consciousness. "We are more than conquerors through him that loved

us" (Rom. 8:37).

5.creation--The original plan of an idea in Spirit. Back of the visible

universe are both the original creative ideas and those that are

brought forth as earthly things. In the creative process Divine Mind

first ideates itself-- meaning I AM the ever living--He who is eternal.

The order of Creation is from the formless to the formed, from the invisible to the visible. This goes on perpetually, and there is never a beginning or an ending to the process. The ideal is continually pouring itself into its creation and lifting it higher and yet higher. Apart from mind nothing can be done. Man, in his forming and bringing things into manifestation, uses the same creative process in mind that God uses.

First is mind; then the idea in mind; then the materialization of

the idea.

6.creation, described in Genesis--The 1st chapter of Genesis

describes the creative action of universal Mind in the realm of ideas

and does not pertain to the manifest world. This truth is substantiated in the 2d chapter, where it is stated that there was not a man to till the soil. This proves conclusively that the first creation described is in the realm of ideas.[Gen. 1:1].(This is in line with Truth.)

7.creative force in man--Spirit-mind is the creative force constantly

working in man and all other creation. Those who fail to recognize

Spirit-mind shining within them dwell in a continuous state of darkness and ignorance. To them the almighty Christ is nonexistent. "And the light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness apprehended it not"(John 1:5).

8.Cross--The Cross represents that state of consciousness termed

"mortal mind." This is the "carnal mind" of Paul also, and it burdens

the body with its various erroneous beliefs. "He went out, bearing the cross for himself" (John 19:17). The center of action of this "carnal mind" is in the brain, and it is here that it has to be met in the final overcoming that the I AM undertakes. "The place called The place of a skull" (John 19:17). The Cross is not a burden as commonly understood, but a symbol of the forces in man adjusted in their right relation.

9.crucifixion--The crossing out in consciousness of errors that have

become fixed states of mind; the surrender or death of the whole

personality in order that the Christ Mind may be expressed in all its

fullness. The crucifixion of Jesus represents the wiping of personality

out of consciousness. We deny the human self so that we may unite

with the selfless. We give up the mortal so that we may attain the


10.darkness--The ignorance of the sense man; the absence of Truth

(light) in consciousness. Darkness represents undeveloped capacity. It is caused by lack of love.

11.dawn--Spiritual perception as a dawning light in consciousness,

increasing as one turns steadily toward Truth. the state of mind in which intelligence dominates.The idea back of day is light, or the dispensation of intelligence. In the Scriptures day and night are symbols for degrees of unfoldment, day being understanding; night, ignorance., last--All shall attain who believe or have faith in the spiritual

source of life. Whoever enters into the Mind of Spirit will have poured

out to him its life essence and be wholly raised up from material

conditions when arriving at the "last day"-- the last degree of


14.debt--A contradiction of the universal equilibrium. There is no such

thing as lack of equilibrium in all the universe; therefore, in Spirit and in Truth there is no debt. Debts are produced by thoughts of lack,impatient desire, and covetousness. A thought of debt will produce debt. As long as we believe in debt, we shall go into debt and accumulate the burdens that follow this thought. When such thoughts are erased from consciousness, our debts are overcome and paid in full.

15.delusion--False perception. Delusion occurs only in that realm which is not established by the divine Logos, God's creative Word.

16.demon--This word is used in Matt. 8:28-34, when the demons ask to be sent into the swine. The demons of the parable represent error

states of mind that have been quickened by Truth and are repentant.

16.desert place--A desert place in the consciousness of man is a

seeming lack of substance and life. In Truth desert places do not really exist.

17.dominion--"Supreme. As a perfect child of God, man is born to complete dominion over all creation.Dominion is an inner consciousness obtained only through mind discipline. This supreme authority comes as man realizes his oneness with the Father.

18.door--The door of our mind is the I AM. "I am the door of the sheep"(John 10:7). The "sheep" are our thoughts. There is but one life-giver,one Saviour, the Christ; and the only door through which the divine essence can come to us is through our own I AM.

19.east--The within. As used in Matt. 2:1, the word in the original is

plural; thus, from the regions of interior wisdom come thoughts of

reverence and rich gifts of substance, understanding, and every

spiritual help for whose growth in consciousness has begun.

20.Easter--The awakening and raising to spiritual consciousness of the I AM in man, which has been dead in trespasses and sins and buried in the tomb of materiality.

21.Eden, Garden of--Represents a region of Being in which are provided

all primal ideas for the production of the beautiful. As described in

Genesis, it represents, allegorically, the elemental life and intelligence placed at the disposal of man and through which he is to evolve both mind and body. The human body with its psychical and spiritual attributes comprises a miniature Garden of Eden. When man develops spiritual insight and in thought, word, and act voluntarily operates in accord with divine law, then rulership, authority, and dominion become his in both mind and body. "The kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:21).

22.ego--The I. The ego is man, and by reason of his divinity he makes and remakes as he wills. In this lie his greatest strength and his greatest weakness. The ego of itself is possessed of nothing. It is a mere ignorant child of innocence floating in the Mind of Being, but through the door of its consciousness must pass all the treasures of God.

23.egotism--A state of consciousness built up by the will functioning in the sense world. In this false expression it looks upon itself as great, honorable, mighty. Supreme egotism stops the flow of spiritual life in the organism, and body atrophy sets in.







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