Meet Nigerian-born inventor, Admad Shuiabu who started construction at the age of 12

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Nigeria is a country blessed with talented and creative people who have been making mark in the contemporary world of technology in recent times.

Vanguard in a bid to bring into limelight some fast-rising inventors in the country, had an interview with a Kaduna-born inventor, Ahmad Shuiabu who started construction at the age of 12.

Shuiabu who hailed from Zango Urban District of the state has to his credit various inventions to put Nigeria on the map of countries with great inventors.

According to him, he dreamed of becoming a mechanical engineer but couldn't further after completing his secondary school education due to some constraints.

The 30-year-old inventor built his first invention (power bike) in 2005 while he constructed Formula 1 from the scratch in 2012.

In 2015, he went on to construct Lamborghini, which he was moving around in the community at the time. A year after, Shuiabu constructed an helicopter of which he has since been working tirelessly to fly.

"I started construction 12 years ago, 2002 to be precised. I started with construction of power bikes. The first phase of my project was completed in 2005.

"Thereafter, I left my village (Zango) to come to Kaduna for further training. The training was completed a year after.

"I constructed my first helicopter in 2009/2010 while I made formula 1 in 2012. Then went on to build a Lamborghini in 2015. I always move around with it here in Kaduna.

"In 2016, I continued with the construction of my helicopter that I always wish to make fly. The only challenge am having is the engine speed and ratio controlling the turning of the helicopter. There was a time I bought Golf 3 engine with 1.6 horse power. I'll need a minimum capacity of 6.5 horse power to make the helicopter fly," Shuiabu told Vanguard.

He continued; "I singlehandedly raise a sum of N250,000 to buy an engine from Lagos, which I intend to put in the helicopter so as to make it fly soonest."

He however, called on all and sundry to support him in making his dream come true.

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